Local filmaker Issac Goeckertz will be premiering his latest film at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival.

Details of the film and the trailer can be viewed on the film’s website.

“Pimp This Bum” details the life changing events of Tim Edwards, a Houston man living on the streets. After being approached by a father son marketing team about a unique charity idea, Tim agreed to participate. The Agreement: fly a cardboard sign at a busy intersection with the words, “All Major Credit Cards Accepted www.pimpthisbum.com”. What erupted from this internet experiment was a media campaign that traveled the globe in the expanse of a few days. Donations came pouring in and within three weeks, $75,000 had been raised to help Tim get off the streets. Pimp this Bum tells the inspiring story of Edward’s life in the wake of this unexpected turn of fortune and his courage to begin a new life.

posted by John Dilworth on Wednesday, Feb 17, 2010
tagged with film, internet