In reference to Slius Grok’s comment:

The Perpetual Education Fund is a site that serves a specific audience and need. In this specific case, it was an intentional design decision with direction from the PEF organization to have the site look different than and other church sites.

The site will be primarily used by international audiences for a very specific purpose. These primary audiences will not frequent the english/usa version of, which might be seen by many as the primary church web site.

That said, while the site is different from other sites, there is nothing about the site that does not comply with the existing church style guide. A very simple style guide does exist which mainly provides details about the use of the Church logo. This gives lots of flexibility to tailor a variety of messages and content to a variety of audiences and cultures.

Do you think that there is anything about the design or content of the site that feels inappropriate for a Church site?

posted by John Dilworth on Wednesday, Jan 20, 2010