Jeffrey Kalmikoff, new design director at, sounds off on The anatomy of useful feedback, including some excellent suggestions for making design reviews productive:

Knowing thereā€™d be the probability of a high volume of feedback and limited time to respond via both communicatively and creatively, I asked for feedback to come in a particular format to make it as easy as possible for my team to digest.

He also suggests including as many non-designers as possible in your reviews, to spread enthusiasm and gain valuable feedback:

I find collaboration with non-designers to be so important in design. Designers have a tendency to see things thought a different lens than most people, which can be counter-productive when trying to find solutions across all use cases

See his full post for more. Good to see design reviews going well somewhere, and it’s got me thinking of how to make them better over here..

posted by Jason Lynes on Saturday, Nov 14, 2009
tagged with design, design reviews