“Unless websites are redesigned for the special circumstances of mobile use, the mobile Web will remain a mirage.”
Jakob Nielsen in his latest Alertbox on mobile usability. No news here… which is actually part of the news.

Many findings in the most recent study—which I thought looked pretty darn thorough and well-balanced, from diary studies with users’ own phones to more controlled lab tests—suggest that in some ways we are no better off on the mobile web than we were a decade ago. (Unless you have a pretty large-screened mobile device, such as an iPhone.)

This made me think of Cameron’s advice in Mobile Web Design, that two of the best strategies are “do nothing” (if you are targetting smart phone and especially larger devices such as the iPhone that have a decent chance at rendering the site as-is) and mobile-optimized sites (if you care about anybody else).

posted by Ted Boren on Monday, Jul 20, 2009
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