Reflections After the Flood

No, I’m not waxing apocalyptic, just thinking about some things after a minor workplace disaster this morning.

I walked in to our work area this morning and found several boxes of my stuff shoved into the middle of the floor and Frank’s desk looking like a tornado zone, with posters and papers stacked haphazardly on the floor, instead of on the desk near the wall where he usually has them.

Apparently an air conditioning unit exploded over the weekend, several floors above us. The water coursed down the inside wall of the building, flooding workspaces on several floors.

This little adventure has caused me to reflect on a couple of things:

That’s all. Nothing too profound, just gratitude that things weren’t as bad as they could have been, appreciation for some people that I never met being generous enough to put their expertise out there for others to benefit from, and some timely reminders that there are things I can do now to prepare for disaster later.

posted by Ted Boren on Monday, May 18, 2009
tagged with disaster recovery, books, water