I was pondering whether to replace an Options dialog with a beefier-than-normal dropdown this very morning, when up pops Jakob Nielsen’s latest Alertbox. In it he argues in favor of “navigational mega-dropdowns” like the one above. This surprised me, given his past disapproval of the simple kind.

But he says the beefier versions actually overcome the deficiencies of the simple ones. Worth a read. He discourages their use for more robust interactions, though at least one of the positive examples he cites (Office-style ribbons) is used for a simple interaction like selecting a style, not just purely for navigation. So… hopefully that gives me the wiggle room I need to justify my “Options” mega-dropdown…

What do you think? Have you seen success with this kind of thing? Especially for more than basic navigation?

posted by Ted Boren on Monday, Mar 23, 2009
tagged with design, dropdown, jakob nielsen