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Make It Beautiful

If we can all agree that we like things that are beautiful, we should also agree that we should try to make things beautiful. But what does that even mean?

posted by John Dilworth 3 days ago
tagged with design, beauty, art, philosophy, science


I was looking to your creation, and enjoying every fabric of it from everywhere it was glowing in the celestial and so beautiful and so marvelously enchanting and overtaking I was wanting to see you. And you are God and I bow down to you. You are merciful and have come to me, and here I am.


comment by Steve Wikstrom 9 hours later

Thanks for the article, I am going to be more careful now in how I throw the word around.

comment by Jason 9 hours later

I think it is amazing when you can look past physical qualities and first impressions to find beauty! Thanks John always inspiring.

comment by Becky one day later

Steve – thanks for posting the quote.

For reference and background, Steve’s comment is a quote by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

comment by John Dilworth one day later

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