“Because design problems are so multi-dimensional they are also highly interactive… . It is the very interconnectedness of all [of the relevant] factors which is the essence of design problems, rather than the isolated factors themselves. In this respect designing is like devising a crossword. Change the letters of one word and several other words will need altering necessitating even further changes… .

If there was one single characteristic which could be used to identify good designers it is the ability to integrate and combine.”
Bryan Lawson, in How Designers Think, which I am now finally getting back to finishing. I am encountering this almost every day now. Tweak the background, up the contrast of the text. Up the contrast of the text, fix the associated icon to match. Fix that icon, tweak this icon to better distinguish it. Etc., etc., etc.

posted by Ted Boren on Tuesday, Mar 10, 2009
tagged with design, design process, constraints