Last year, my brother Jason met Massimo Vignelli in his studio in New York and described him as the “nicest modernist you’ll ever meet”.

Mr. Vignelli has now released, in the name of education, a book where he shares a wealth of his knowledge about graphic design and typography. Everyone could benefit from reading this little book.

In the introduction he says:

“Creativity needs the support of knowledge to be able to perform at its best. It is not the intention of this little book to stifle creativity or to reduce it to a bunch of rules. It is not the formula that prevents good design from happening but lack of knowledge of the complexity of the Design profession. It’s up to the brain to use the proper formula to achieve the desired result.”

Oh, yes, the book is available as a PDF for download. (via Core 77)

posted by John Dilworth on Monday, Jan 12, 2009
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