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Search diligently in the light

Stumped? Have a question that you are trying to answer? Trying to solve a tough design challenge? Well, quit trying to do it yourself! I know; it’s hard. Most of us are independent and head-strong. We’re opinionated and over-confident. We’re artists.

I’ve learned something important recently and it’s to get over it. I don’t have all of the skills or strength necessary, and I can’t do it alone. I need my wife, I need my friends, I need my colleagues, and most of all, I need Jesus Christ. Where are you sitting right now? What’s in your studio? What are you listening to? Tired of wasting time? Tired of struggling without progress? You need to “search diligently in the light of Christ.”

It’s true, dealing with clients, selecting the right hue, or debugging a javascript error isn’t really choosing between “good and evil,” but I believe Moroni’s counsel can apply to all aspects of our lives where we are searching for good. He teaches that the “Spirit of Christ is given to every man, that he may know good from evil” and if we know how to judge and do it within the light of Christ, we will find the answer. No, God doesn’t directly care if you make the button red or orange, but he does care about you and your success. He does care about your project and if your business is working and that requires a happy client.

Your environment makes a big difference. Make sure you are standing in holy places. Don’t offend it with your entertainment, decorations, or conversation. “A bitter fountain cannot bring forth good water.” Truth can only be found amidst that which “inviteth to do good, and to persuade to believe in Christ.” What magazines are you reading? Where are you meeting your client for lunch? You are not strong enough to look across the room at the world and to not have it influence you’re decisions, your emotions, and your creativity.

Close your eyes. Pray for the Spirit to be with you. Listen. Concentrate.

You will find your answer. You will find the strength you need. But you won’t do it alone.

posted by Wade Preston Shearer on Sunday, Jan 11, 2009
tagged with decisions, good versus evil, light of christ