I’m going to stop listening to you because I disagree with your politics, even though you aren’t talking about politics

Today we received an email from a concerned subscriber:

It’s a very sad day – I have always found NorthTemple a great, entertaining, and informative read.

But, today I am removing you from my feed, and will no longer be sharing with my team.

I cannot reconcile the Mormon church’s views and directives on Prop 8 with my own, and refuse to support anything associated.

Good luck to all of you – you have a great team.

Northtemple is made up of 30 someodd designers who do work for the LDS Church, yes. But our About page has said for 2 years:

Northtemple.com is not an official publication of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The websites linked, opinions expressed, quotes cited, and articles written do not necessarily express the views of the Church. We bear sole responsibility for, and firmly stand behind, the content featured here.

A few points I wanted to make clear this morning:

  1. This is a design blog. We write about design.
  2. We rarely, if ever, talk about politics. The occasional Obama link has always had a design or tech element to it. We have never voiced an opinion on Proposition 8.
  3. The Church does not own Northtemple.com, and has no control over what we post. The site is not an approved publication of the Church, and is hosted and owned privately. We just all happen to work here.
  4. To reject Northtemple because of the Church’s stance on Prop 8 is like refusing to watch the Utah Jazz because a Mormon owns it, or stay in a Marriott hotel because a Mormon owns it, read any of the Twilight books (or watch the movie this weekend) because a Mormon wrote it, listen to Glenn Beck or Gladys Knight, or watch any of the many professional sports teams that LDS members play for.

While we respect the political views of our readers, we just don’t care about them on this blog. If you care about design, read us. If not, don’t. It’s a design point, not a political one.

posted by Jason Lynes on Wednesday, Nov 19, 2008
tagged with politics