Finally able to use CSS child and adjacent sibling selectors in a real project. Feels so good!

posted by Tadd Giles on Thursday, Nov 13, 2008
tagged with css selectors


Please tell me you’re not using non-semantic class names such as ‘span-13’ and ‘sanserif’ in a real project?

Jealousy is a tough one eh…

comment by Søren Thuesen 2 hours later


comment by Jason Lynes 2 hours later

sanserif, very fair. Already been rethinking that one.

span-13 comes from blueprint which we’ve decided to use. Using a css framework is always a point of “discussion”. Pros and cons on both sides. Time will tell, but we see potential value and speed in having a consistent framework and grid behind our designs.

comment by Tadd Giles 3 hours later

@Tadd: Fair enough, should have seen the blueprint comming ;-)

Sorry for derailing the discussion – must be a joy to play around the CSS2.1 pattern match jungle in a real project. Good luck with that.

comment by Søren Thuesen 13 hours later

Søren, I was about to post the the exact same message. Down with frameworks. Rick Moore agrees

comment by Pete Lasko one day later

So where can this be found? Does this mean ya’ll are working on updating the General Confrence area of That will be nice, I’ve been wondering when the other parts of the site where going to take on a facelift to be more in tune with the home page.

comment by Shane about a day later

Shane, this is top secret. Tadd’s account will soon be deleted for sharing this unauthorized code.

Actually yes, we are redesigning General Conference. And And about 100 other things. We need to start sharing more of our work, don’t we..

comment by Jason Lynes about a day later

Looking forward to seeing utilize CSS as much as possible. I keep seeing little things I would correct if I could but it sounds like you’re all aware of those things too.

comment by Christian 4 days later

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