This weekend’s general conference will feature a new online video player using the super fantastic Move Networks streaming technologyz. The live video will be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and American Sign Language. The quality of the video is quite amazing. The better your connection, the sharper the picture. (Try the fullscreen.) And it is crazy fast.

Each talk, musical number, prayer and conducting will be “clipped” for easy navigation. You can watch it live beginning tomorrow at 10:00 am MST (12:00 pm EST).

Rob Jex and Brian Hansbrow led product management of the online General Conference. Chris Mayfield, Wayne Pullman and I designed the new player. Darin Warren developed the flash player. Brent Lewis, Tyler Dalton, Travis Foxley, Mindie Sorenson, Chris Jones, Chris Twitty, Vicki Bird, Bill Bush and many others who helped put it on the site with many hours of testing (I’m sure I missed others).

And lastly, thank you to the great people of Move Networks who helped us provide this great service. Wish us luck! (We hope we can handle all of the load this weekend.)

And please give us your feedback. Thank you!

posted by Gilbert Lee on Friday, Oct 03, 2008
tagged with video general-conference