We’re happy to announce the new Mormon.org today, the newest Church website launch from our group. Pepe Sustaita and I worked on this site, with hours of help from many other designers on our team.

This project will definitely be written up for a case study at some point, as we encountered so many crazy problems and challenges. This final product represents over a year of hard work, and includes thousands of design decisions and compromises based on technology, client taste, feasibility, content constraints, and other unique circumstances.

The site also represents the work of not only many designers, but our excellent teams of Java developers, QA engineers, Flash developers, program managers, product managers, infrastructure teams, and many others. All in all, over 50 people had a hand in getting this product off the ground and in front of the millions of monthly visitors.

Challenges aside, Pepe and I definitely can stand behind our work and we believe it will bring our church’s most basic beliefs to the world in ways it never has before. One huge feature is the ability for any visitor anywhere in the world to chat live with a member of our church, any time of day. The site is also designed to coordinate with a national print and broadcast advertising campaign around the “Answers to Life’s Questions” theme.

Pull it up and take a minute to browse through it, and please let us know what you think. More details and insight coming soon, for sure.

posted by Jason Lynes on Thursday, Sep 18, 2008
tagged with mormon.org, design, work