Introducing the Journal of Design

We’re happy to announce the Northtemple Journal of Design, our newest offering to the design community.

The Journal is our place to be a bit more serious, to polish the shoes up a bit and present brand new and completely original articles on everything design. We’ll be publishing these articles online and in print, on topics ranging from web and print design to design methods and processes. And starting today, we’ll publish a new article every two weeks on the site, and wrap them all up every quarter in printed form for handy desk reference.

Unlike our other articles, Journal articles will be longer, more polished, edited, and planned out in advance much like any other publication.

We’ll be posting our first article today.

Also new today is our Studies section, where we will be posting in-depth case studies on our techniques, styles and thinking. We’ve received many requests for more detail on what we do every day, and with 30+ designers we do have quite a bit of work to show. These won’t be on any sort of schedule, and much less formal than the Journal, but will dig deeper into our design process than we ever have to showcase what and how we work around here.

Studies will range from tutorials, to musings, to full on case studies. We’ve got quite a few of these in the works, including Chris’s fabulous design, and how we rebuilt Northtemple.

Thanks for paying attention. We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Do you have any ideas for articles or case studies?

posted by Jason Lynes on Monday, Aug 18, 2008
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