Stand Tall, Boys

Matt and I were leaving the Triad Center today after the conclusion of a meeting. He was kind enough to offer me a ride over the the COB to my next appointment for which I was already late. We headed down the elevator to the parking garage, and upon disembarking, found a group of people standing around in the basement. One suited man turned to us and said quietly, “Stand tall, boys.” I was not sure what he was talking about, and was very curious as we turned the corner. There, standing in the midst of a group of people and telling a story of how someone had earned the name of “Bucket” was our Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson.


I stopped in my tracks and gasped, “Oh my!” We stood there for a minute as he finished his story and after doing so he was whisked away by his security guards. I have pondered that chance meeting for the remainder of the day today, wondering what would have happened had I decided to walk to the COB. I probably never would have known he was even there. Even though I didn’t get to shake his hand or say anything to him, I felt his spirit the moment I turned the corner. I knew I was in the midst of the Prophet of God. I am really grateful to be working for the Church and downtown near all these great men. Are we sure we want to move our department to Riverton?

posted by Rick Moore on Tuesday, Jul 15, 2008
tagged with president, monson,, downtown