“Noise”—in design and in life

I came here to write an homage to administrative professionals—those often-forgotten treasures that do all the behind-the-scenes things to make our work lives tolerable. I have several that support me, and our design group has an exceptional talent in Debra Xavier.

As I caught up on the recent posts, what I write morphs a bit… Emmy talking about vision, Jason realizing that often the universe won’t recognize design, my own frustrations with keeping consistent vision and a sense of humor about the challenges of our project…

ALL of this leads me to believe that our universe is “noisy”...lots of input, lots of distractions, lots of pressures… and I would say that noise drives me to need to ask: “what really matters today?”

I would submit that design is precisely what allows us to adjust to vision changes [literal and otherwise]. Even if no one else on the particular project agrees with me completely, design matters.

For me, one of those vision-related tasks today became thanking our awesome Debra for all she does. Software comes and goes, but people are the real permanent resource; the relationships and the work we do together will last much longer than our web pages!

Today I will also do what I can to educate our business partner about the reasons behind our design decisions, even when they would like us to do something else. I hope to be both persuasive and respectful as I listen to how they see the world.

and I will look forward to hearing more about how Emmy sees the world, since I’m a lot MORE myopic than she ever was!!!

posted by Bea Rigby on Wednesday, Apr 23, 2008
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