Mobile Phones for Kids

Eventhough my kids are not old enough to own cell phones, I often wonder what kind of phone I can give them when the time comes.

The Firefly phone, which came out several months ago, is a good solution for younger kids (maybe 6 thru 12 years old?). There’s a Mom and Dad speed dial and a controlled address book. Really, really simple. I love this phone.

And more recently, Disney Mobile comes out with a phone which I think is perfect for 12 and up. Each phone is equipped with GPS so you can locate the phone with an address and a map! (As long as your child has the phone, you can find them too!) You can also designate the time and day the phone can be used, control the address book, send text messages and more. And just like any phone carrier, you can choose your phone and plan.

Although they don’t say it on the site, it looks like you don’t have to have the entire family on their phones and plans. You can buy one phone and set everything up from their site. Click on the “Learn more” link on their main homepage graphic and watch the demo.

posted by Gilbert Lee on Saturday, Aug 26, 2006
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